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The Wetli 6tet
from Berneck:

The older the vine, the deeper its roots, and the better it can draw enough water out of the ground even during hot and dry periods. In just the same way, family roots are what give winemakers strength and encouragement on a daily basis, as it has always been with the Wetli family. With Kaspar Jr., Matthias, Florian and Adrian, the roots of Kaspar Sr. and his wife, Susanne, go deep.

With the experience of the family patriarch, the innovative ideas of his sons, the finely honed senses of the whole family and the dedication of the employees, the SCHMID WETLI Winery aspires to carry forward the traditions of the past and to live up to the excellent reputation of the wine-growing village of Berneck. And since the customer is king for vintners as well, he is often invited to the table to philosophize about wine with its producers. SCHMID WETLI is a family business built on deeply rooted values like quality consciousness, cleanliness, accuracy, friendliness, openness and loyalty, and on total devotion to wine and viniculture.

The winemaking life is indeed a joy.


Der feine Ausbau in Fässern aus Schweizer Eichenholz ergibt
einen dunklen, harmonischen Rotwein, mit einem satten Rubinrot.

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